Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados has attorneys specializing in litigation in the most diverse civil practices: civil liability, contractual relations, debt collection, expropriation, environmental law; in business law: corporate cases, bankruptcy and court supervised reorganization cases; in the administrative field (including CVM, BACEN and PROCON, among others) and also in tax law, in the federal, state and local levels.


Corporate Law, Stock Market and Foreign Investments


Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados has extensive experience in dealing with corporate affairs, as well as in the disposition and acquisition of businesses, consolidations, mergers, spin-offs, and also privatizations.


In the Stock Market area, the firm advises clients on administrative procedures with the competent agencies, particularly, the Securities Commission - CVM. It also advises on negotiations involving foreign capital, guiding investors in general and providing follow-up reports about cases with BNDES – National Bank of Economic and Social Development, BACEN - Brazilian Central Bank, Federal Revenue Service and other institutions.


Press and Copyright Law


Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados provides expert advice to all types of media (print, electronic, broadcast) with significant participation in seminars and meetings with representative agencies, including the ANJ - National Newspaper Association.


It acts proactively in protecting intellectual and artistic property, and also personality rights by establishing legal instruments suitable to each situation, including publishing contracts, licensing agreements and/or assignment of rights.


Environmental Law


Relying on extensive experience in the field, Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados guides and advises clients on taking preventive measures, participating in negotiations and agreements, establishing Terms of Adjustment of Conduct (TACs), providing risk assessment from the environmental law perspective, working with law enforcement agencies in general, either in the local, state or federal level, including proceedings before the Federal and State Prosecutors Office.


Acting in the administrative and judicial litigation fields, Osorio e Maya Ferreira also represents public civil actions and class actions, always seeking the solution of any preexisting issues and conflict prevention.


Real Estate Transactions


Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados advises on real estate matters by analyzing and drafting contracts, such as sales, rental, leasing, exchange, donation, giving in payment, construction, development and provision of guarantees (mortgages and secured fiduciary sales, among others).


The firm promotes corporate organization of the companies involved in real estate transactions, structuring mergers and acquisitions, where necessary. It also participates in the formation of large enterprises - such as condominiums of residential and commercial buildings, also assisting the settlement of disputes with effective tax planning, as well as representing related lawsuits.


Estate Planning, Inventory and Partition


Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados advises clients on estate planning, drafting wills, donations, reservations of usufruct, among others. It also follows up administrative and judicial proceedings involving inventories, partitions and interdictions.


Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Tax Law


Relying on highly qualified professionals, Osorio e Maya Ferreira Advogados prepares legal opinions on constitutional and administrative matters, including regulatory aspects (Audit Agencies), also providing advice on concessions, permits, competitive biddings and government procurement processes.


The firm advices clients on business tax structuring, working in administrative and judicial proceedings.